Planet Earth

The BBC produced Planet Earth series is a fascinating look at the unspoiled areas of our planet containing amazing video footage of the natural world. This monumental series took five years to produce and was the most expensive nature programme produced by the BBC. It consists of 10 beautifully produced episodes, each one focusing on an ecosystem of the planet, e.g. mountains, shallow seas etc. The first episode, From Pole to Pole, summaries the series. Many pupils in the school may have seen an episode or two in their Biology or Geography classes but this is a series that everyone should own, adults and children alike.

The Froggies are massive fans of David Attenborough (although he was not involved in the production of the series he does narrate the episodes) and we keep a large collection of his series in the science DVD library. We also enjoyed his new series on Charles Darwin and look forward to the delivery of the DVD.


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