Scibernia Podcast

Scibernia is a new bi-monthly podcast exploring science in Ireland, and beyond. According to their website, they are "a loose collective of science enthusiasts, tech nerds, wandering journalists, radio lovers, and people who enjoy Periodic Table Scrabble". The team include Lenny Antonelli, Marie Boran, Ellen Byrne, Sylvia Leatham, Gavin Byrne, Trionna O'Connell and Gerald Cunningham and their podcast contains a great mix of current science news, lively debate and analysis from the world of science, with a particular Irish focus. It's extremely easy to listen to while remaining informative.

The second Scibernia science podcast is available online now, as the team report from the Atlantic Conference on science and technology education held in Tullamore last week. The team interview a range of speakers including Guardian ‘bad science’ columnist Ben Goldacre, wearable computing pioneer Thad Starner and Maths Busking Katie Steckles on how she mixes street performance with equations to get kids and adults interested in maths. There is also a quick interview with Frog Blogger Humphrey Jones on his latest rant on the need to modernise and update our dull, wonder-less science curricula. 

Visit the Scibernia website and tune in to their latest podcast now.


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