Wonderville is a brilliant website containing some amazing interactive resources to support science teaching. This award-winning site aims to encourage exploration and curiosity, while helping kids discover how much fun science can be. There are over 30 interactive games covering many different science themes including "thing created using science", "things in our world and beyond", "things you just can't see" and "things and how they work". There are also a huge collection of activities including science crosswords, word search puzzles and printable activity sheets. There are also a series of science based cartoon strips. Their video section is simply superb though, with many animated creations which explore real-life applications of science and scientific concepts. Many videos provide a behind the scenes look at science-based careers for those interesting in exploring. The video below is one of Wonderville's best and looks at explaining the concept of the nanoscale - a brilliant production sure to engage any audience. Check out Wonderville now - a must for all science teachers, both primary and secondary - and it's completely free to use and explore. (There is a great feature too - as you explore the site you pick up puzzle pieces along the way and a counter on top of the page records your progress - brilliant for young kids!)


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