Eircom Spider Big Mouth

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for the Frog Blog in this year's Eircom Spider Awards. We were delighted (and extremely surprised) to accept the Big Mouth Award at last night's gala event. I'm sure many were as shocked as we were when the winner was announced but we are delighted that so many took the time to vote for us and recognise that "big mouths" can shout about more than politics, economics or business. It is great to see someone shouting for science and education being recognised by the Irish public. Thank you all so much!



(My first thought was, 'well FINALLY!!')

That's some well-deserved recognition -- this blog is awesome, and one of my favorites since the day I found it. Congratulations to both of you, and to Saint Columba's, and to frogs everywhere!
Unknown said…
Thanks Susan - we are thrilled and completely shocked! Thanks for being our biggest fan!
Anonymous said…
We are the biggest fans ever!
headlad & floppy

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