Poison Rocket Frog Discovered

Conservationists in Columbia have discovered three new amphibian species, while searching for "old" species. The amphibians include two previously unknown types of toad and a new species of rocket frog (pictured above). The toads include a beaked toad just two centimetres long, which resembles the dead leaves where it hides, and an extremely unusual toad with bright red eyes that is three to four centimetres in length and lives at an elevation of 2,000 metres. Scientists are unsure how to classify this new species. The rocket frog (a type of poison dart frog) is thought to grow to a maximum size of three centimetres long. 

The group responsible for this discovery, Conservation International, have been carrying out a search for "lost" species of frogs over the past year and have found several species once thought extinct (see a recent story about lost amphibians discovered). The group hope to rediscover 100 species of frog and toad believed to be extinct before the end of the year. For more on this story click here.


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