It's Science Week!

Science Week kicks off today marking the beginning of the biggest public campaign for science on this island. In a time of economic uncertainly, the work done by scientists in the area of research and development offer our government a glimmer of hope in the murky economic fog. The aim of Science Week is to promote the relevance of science, engineering and technology in our everyday lives and to demonstrate just how important it is to the future development of Irish society and the economy.

The theme for Science Week Ireland 2010 is ‘Our Place in Space’ where we will examine and explore the latest happenings in astronomy and what Ireland’s role in the Space industry is today; as well as learning about how our ancestors studied the planets, and the vital role played by science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in helping us to make sense of our universe. There are a huge number of science events organised around the country (for events around the Dublin South area click here). Here at SCC we plan a number of in-house events to promote the sciences and will be actively blogging and tweeting throughout the week! For more information on this year's Science Week visit their brilliant website or follow them on Twitter.


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