Life by David Attenborough

David Attenborough's new nature documentary series Life, which began airing on the BBC in October, will be available to purchase at the end of the month on DVD and BlueRay. The series, which took four years to make and cost £10 million to produce, is a film masterpiece. Shot completely in high definition, Life aimed to show to the diversity of the natural world and unusual animal behaviour which has enabled species to survive. The episodes, of which there are ten, examine the various groups of living things on the planet. Dare I say it, this would make an excellent Christmas present, even for your favourite biology teacher.

I particularly love David Attenborough's brilliant opening narrative in the series is "Our planet may be home to 30 million different kinds of animals and plants, each individual locked in its own lifelong fight for survival. Everywhere you look, on land or in the ocean, there are extraordinary examples of the lengths living things go to to stay alive." Vintage Dave!

Available for pre-order now on Amazon.


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