SCC English Frog Poem - A Critique

Thanks to our colleagues in SCC English for your kind words in yesterday's post and for spending some time searching for frog inspired literature and poetry. However, in terms of your specially penned poem (see below), we here at Frog Blog control feel that, while you made a spirited effort, you just fall short of an A grade! All in all, Sinead Kilgarriff of Our Lady's Bower (click here to see her poem in Teaching English magazine on the SCC English Blog) wins The Frog Blog Annual Frog Themed Poetry Competition (newly established of course).

Frog by Julian Girdham, SCC English

A most intellectual frog
Was sitting astride a log.
"I'm tapping away,"
He said, "Every day,
On my amphibian blog"

By the way, this isn't the first time the Frog Blog has talked poetry. Click here to see a previous post containing a poem by John Updike called "Cosmic Gall".


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